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My name is Tjeu Theunissen and I am a Dutch clinical psychologist, academic researcher, and entrepreneur.

I currently live as a diplomatic spouse in Bangalore, India, where I work remotely and am completing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology.

I hold Master’s Degrees in Mental Health (Adult Psychopathology) and Psychology and Law and have completed the Dutch (2yr) Post-Master Training Programme for Healthcare Psychology.

I am a qualified and award-winning University teacher and have enjoyed teaching and training many young professionals as a lecturer in psychology at Maastricht University (The Netherlands).

I also teach and train other psychologists in enhancing their therapies with innovative technology.

I have 11+ years of therapy experience as a psychologist in the (international) private, specialized, and rehabilitation care systems.

6+ years of C-level experience in Health Tech, of which 2x Startup Founder experience (1 exit). My first company was accepted into Y Combinator (W18).

about me

My Vulnerabilities and Strengths

Having a severe visual disability, I had to work harder and smarter to overcome several hurdles.

I characterize my personality as ‘delicately ambitious.’ When growing up, I taught myself that I could reassure my insecurities with (over)accomplishments.

My motivation to strive helped me develop great perseverance but has also caused me systematic stress, fatigue, and mood complaints.

My Mental Struggles as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, I battled extensively with keeping a healthy work-life balance.

When my first business got accepted into the world’s #1 incubator program, ‘Y-Combinator,’ and I moved to Silicon Valley, my sensitivity got poked hard. The challenge became more apparent when I left my company and became a single founder (and competitor of my previous start-up).

I systematically allowed my dedication to my company to trump my mental health. In this period, I have received professional coaching and care for myself.

Tjeu at Y-Combinator

This is me with Michael Seibel (former CEO at Y-combinator)

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My Mission

With coaching and therapy, I learned to turn my vulnerabilities into strengths.

I am excited to help and guide other entrepreneurs and business leaders by combining my professional background as a clinical psychologist with my entrepreneurial experience.

My mission with Mental Profit is to help other professionals profit from overcoming mental struggles and achieving psychological goals.

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise.

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