How long is a session?

All programs will start with an intake session that will last 90-120 minutes. Regular sessions last for 60-90 minutes (days and times to be agreed). 

How long is a trajectory?

After the intake, we discuss the estimated number of sessions to achieve your goals, and whether additional diagnostic interviews or tests are helpful.

How is payment done?

You will receive an invoice after each session. For business owners, the sessions are tax deductible. The sessions are called coaching and therefore VAT is applicable and added to the fees.

It is worthwhile to check with your employer if they are prepared to cover coaching sessions. Often designated budgets are available for personal development or education. Various international health insurers reimburse part or all of the trajectories.

How does online coaching or therapy work?

After we have scheduled your preferred dates and times, you will receive an email with a video-chat invite. We can work with several videocall programs like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and Signal, but make sure you have a stable internet connection. We can also call without video if that’s what you prefer.